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24. May 2013 - Changelog

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24. May 2013


  • Added a PvP Ladder, the best Player is displayed on the homepage.
  • First changes for WoE were made.
  • Fixed some script bugs. If you notice a bug (no matter how small), please report it instantly to one of our Admins (via PN, ingame or Forum).
  • Clicking the View Button on custom cards won't crash your client anymore.
  • We could not motivate Ripped Cabus to travel to Rising City, so you will find him in Payon at his usual place.
  • Added new hairstyles, removed Cloth Colors starting from 303 (users with mounts and cloth color >303 would crash other player).


  • Removed MvP Armor and MvP Weapon Dealer.
  • Added Picky Catcher as RiseRO Quest.
  • Added MVP Card Exchange as an option to gain RiseRO Points.
  • Added the Godlike Trader, located near the left way down to the beach.
  • Fixed a bug where the Goldsmith would delete the equipped item instead of the item in the inventory.
  • Added Special Headgear and MvP Headgear dealer to the Mall
  • The Tool Dealer at the main place does not sell double items anymore.
  • Added Ranker, who can display PvP and MvP Ranking.


  • Monsters on all Rising Fields now drop items from the old MvP Armor and MvP Weapon Dealer.
  • Added Miniboss Rainbowring on Rising Field 2.


  • Holy Light damage bonus from Golden Holy Robe does not apply to Monks and Champions anymore.
  • Added Safe Refine Ticket. This item won't remove the material costs of refining, it just grants a 100% chance to refine.
  • Changed Gym Pass Ticket to grant 400 weight / ea.
  • Bubble Gum is now tradeable
  • MvP Card Box has now a 10% Dropchance for normal MvPs and a 15% chance for Custom MvPs.
  • Fixed some items not granting their bonus.

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