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29. July 2013 - Changelog

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29. July 2013

  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Juggernaut now ignores reflect.
  • New automatic event added: Portal Event. It will take place every Monday between 14 and 18 o'clock.

  • +10 Runes for each Stat are now available at the Rune Creator.

  • Emperium Breaker Room:
  • He is located near the left bridge of Rising City.
  • You can rent a room for half an hour, where you can spawn mobs (currently Emperium only)
  • View Ladder shows your own records, total top breakers or has the function to delete your records.
  • In the room itself you've got an helper which can heal you or summon a monster of your choice. You can leave or destroy your room there too.

  • New Rebirth NPC:
  • He is located down over the left bridge in Rising City.
  • If you are at max level rebirth (255/100), you can reset your job and change your class to whatever branch you want.
  • This service costs 10 million Zeny.

  • Lottery Queen:
  • She is located above the right brige in Rising City, near the trees.
  • You can buy a lottery ticket for 1 million Zeny and get a random number. Every ticket fills the jackpot with 500k Zeny.
  • Every Wednesday after the lottery draw, you can check if you have won
  • If there was no winner, the jackpot will increase by 5 million, else the jackpot will start at 5 million again.
  • The jackpot is split up amongst all winners. If one player does not pick his reward, the reward is put into the jackpot again.

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New automatic event forgotten :D

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