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13. August - Changelog

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13. August 2013

  • Added a new Event: Hide and Seek. It will take place on Friday between 14 and 18 o'clock.
  • Fixed a bug with sending items in mails.
  • Added a portal to the Turbo Track over the RiseRO Shop.
  • High Wizard Card now ignores the full MDEF of the target. This change will only be temporary, unless we fixed the issue with the 50%.
  • Brynhild:
    • Removed After-Cast Delay.
    • Reduced Hit to 50, down from 100.
  • Aesprika:
    • Removed Long Range Reduce.
  • Sleipnir:
    • Reduced Max HP/SP to 15%, down from 30%.
    • Reduce Movement Speed to 25%, down from 35%.
  • Removed the Set Bonus of the Godlike Set. In the coming weeks, we will adjust the prices of the Godlike Items in the Donation Store and in the RiseRO Shop. Also, there will be a better Godlike Set, which will only be available by questing.
  • Backstab: Now deals (400+80*SkillLV)% ATK damage.
  • Cart Termination: Damage increased by 100%
  • Arrow Vulcan: Damage increased by 100%
  • Blitzbeat: DEX has now a modifier of 0.5, up from 0.1
  • All Bolts: Damage increased by 100%.
  • Faith: HP increase to 10k per SkillLV.
  • Added an extra message to the Character Service when you want to remove your skill points.

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