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God/NonGod WoE/PVP

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I think the title explains itself and the reason should too. When I first started the server it was hard to even attempt to think about pvping or WoEing because I knew I'd be going against people wearing full God equips and there is no real way to combat that without having the God equips as well. So I think it would make sense to have a pvp room for the people with God Equips and another for ones with only Gold Equips I also think there should be 1 day for a Gold Equip or less WoE. This would not only help balance the server a fair bit but it would up the value of gold equips because as of right now they are kinda pointless. Whether Stat-ingjards/Brisingamen/Mjolnir qualify as God equips is up to the community/Admins however I think there should be a seperate arena for people with Brynhilds/Sleipnirs/Asprikas. Mainly because the people who can't donate won't be able to even compete until like 6 months have passed and they are able to have the full set through Daily Quests.

In case you don't want to read through the descriptions here are my suggestions;
  • Make a God Equip only PVP/WoE castle. (Stat-ingjards/Brisingamen/Mjolnir God status is up for voting.)
  • Make a Gold Equip only PVP/WoE castle. (Stat-ingjards/Brisingamen/Mjolnir Eligibility in these arenas is up for voting.)



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Interesting idea, but I think the gap between Gold Equip and Godlike Equip won't be so big when we have finished balancing. You cannot deny that coming on the server and instatly rocking WoE/PvP is the target. But it is not true that you take 6 months, you can get it in one month. The most people who have their Godlike Set are playing for >= 1,5 months, and I think this is a good time.

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