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I know the system isn't fully implemented yet but I figured I would put in some rune suggestions before so maybe by the launch time there could be more variety.

In addition to all of the stat runes, there should be some minor skill runes as well. For example, the use of Teleporation, Sight, Pushcart/Vending, or FCP. You could add whatever skills, these are just examples and I'll try to justify the examples just so you can get my view on it.

Teleportation is already obtainble through the God Equips but this could be for the people who don't have the money for God Equips and don't wanna give up 100 pots worth of weight limit so they can have enough Fly Wings for an MVP Run.

Sight is mainly because I hope eventually stat-ingjards will become slotless and this will give the opportunity to still have the Horong Card effect in WoE/PVP for Sins while still having the strength accompanies by stat-ingjards.

Pushcart/Vending is purely aesthetic. I just like seeing a Variety of classes fully geared set up with shops instead of the usual WS/Creator who were made simply with the intention of vending so they all have the same default Palette and Hair Style.

FCP, or Full Chemical Protection, is a bit.. harder to justify. In a server where you can dual client almost everybody who is serious about WoE/PVP will have an alt account for buffs such as FCP. It's inevitable. This is just kind of accepting that and making it a little easier.

Like I said, these are just examples I just think it could be a fun addition.



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There will definitely be more runes, some with skills and some with ATK or DEF bonuses. Currently, balancing is the main thing, then we will look on new features. But this is high on our list.

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