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15. August - Changelog

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15. August 2013

  • Kunai's are now available at the Tool Dealer.
  • The daily limit of RiseRO Points is raised up to 5.
  • Increased HP of Ninja, Taekwon, Soul Linker and Gunslinger Class to the Level of Rebirth Classes.
  • Increased the maximum character slots to 12.
  • Meginjard now only grants 20 Strength to Assassin Cross Classes.
  • Brynhild now reduces After-Cast Delay by 10% again.
  • Asprika now reduces Long-Range Attacks by 10% again.
  • The Godlike Set now grants 1/2 reduced DEF and increases the Max HP by 50k.
  • We try to find a solution that suits everyone. But currently, the gap between the Godlike Set and other Equip is too wide. The Godlike Set should be the best Set on the Server, but it should be hard to get.
  • Sword Mastery, Two-Handed Sword Mastery, Spear Mastery, Mace Mastery, Iron Hand and Axe Mastery now grant +20 ATK per Level. Spear Mastery grants +30 ATK per Level when riding a Peco.
  • Increase HP Recovery now grants +50 HP / 10sec per Level.
  • Increase SP Recovery now grants +30 SP / 10sec per Level.
  • Vulture's Eye now grants +5 HIT per Level.
  • Increased the DEF gained by Divine Protection by 100%.
  • Increased ATK gained by Demon Bane, Beast Bane and Steel Crow by 100%.
  • Increased Damage of Blitz Beat by 250%, which results in an overall increase by 2500%. Also reverted the change of the formula, which is (DEX / 10) + (INT / 2) again.
  • Increased HP / SP recovered of Sprits Recovery by 10000% (100 times)
  • Dodge now grants +5 Flee Rate per Level.
  • Weaponry Research now grants 300% more ATK and HIT.
  • Single Action now grants 300% more HIT.

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