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Serving Lacking an Economy

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So as of right now, nothing has a value. Zeny is useless and there is no alternative. So if you want something that someone else has but don't have the item that they want you are kind of screwed. It make's for a rather annoying buying/selling experience because it ends up just being trading. Which is kool and all, but how are you supposed to put a value on something like a Kiel?

The point I'm making is that we should find some way to make a currency so that we have an economy. In my last server we used Coupons gotten through donating as the currency. For example, if you donate 10 bucks you get 100 coupons. A Kiel would be worth something like 40 Coupons, A TG would be 25, etc etc. This worked because it gave the new people a chance to acquire donations without donating. If they MVPed and got a TG it was the equivalent of them donating $2.50 cents without having to donate. Get it?

Keep in mind, that was just an example. I am aware that something like that might kind of make it even more of a Pay 2 win server and it would require more people on the server to be donating so no particular person could run a monopoly over the server. So the point of this topic is to ask for suggestions on this because this is a major downfall of the server as it severely limits what you can do when people are MVPing as MVPing is really the only thing to do on the server currently. My Idea is to make a quest for a Token that can be used to purchase items/cards from an NPC.

For example, the quest would be collecting 100 Jellopies and you get 1 Rise RO Token. In the shop you have a bunch of MVP Cards, God Set, Etc etc. Let's say Brynhild would be 400 tokens, Gold Damascus would be 500 Tokens, Kiel would be 150 Tokens. This idea would serve so the new people have a way to compete with vets by farming other than dailies. While also being able to give a stable economy. Again, this is just an idea. Any suggestions are welcome, I want to hear your ideas.

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