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3. September - Changelog

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3. September 2013

  • Improved the Starting Grounds. (map adjustments, lowered the amount of mobs)
  • Merged to the latest rAthena revision. If you find some stuff not working anymore, please let me know.
  • MVPs now drop their Card by 5% and a MVP Card Box by 5%/10% (normal/custom)
  • The server now has a day/night cycle. The sun rises at 6am and sets at 8pm.
  • New commands enabled for players: @die and @storeall2
  • @die: Kills you immediately.
  • @storeall2 {<type>}: Stores all items in your inventory. If you specify a type, it only stores items of the selected type (e.g.: @storeall2 6 stores all Cards). To see valid types, type@storeall2 help.

  • Increased the Item Heal of the Slim Potions by about 400%.
  • Golden Muffler III should now reduce fixed cast time correctly.

  • You can now find two new Shops in the Shopping Mall: Pet Tamer and Pet Shop. They sell Taming Items, Pet Food and Pet Armor.

  • The guardians are now stronger. We will check if the guardians are to strong or to weak and will change it

I will be on vacation from 6. to 14. September, so there will be no updates in this period.

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