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5. September 2013

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5. September 2013

  • Removed all Godlikes from the RiseRO Shop.
  • Added all 4 kinds of Godlikes Boxes to the RiseRO Shop.
  • All MVPs now have a 10% Chance of dropping a RiseRO Point.
  • The winner of an automatic event will now receive RiseRO Points
    • Portal Event: 2 Points for the first 3, then 1 Point.
    • Dice Event: 2 Points for the winner.
    • Hide and Seek: 2 Points for the winner.
  • The refiner now accepts Safe Refine Tickets again.
  • Due to abuse possibility, we had to remove the 10 starter RiseRO Points. New users will now get a Flute on their first character.

  • Increased the Godlike dropchance of the Crystal Potion Box to 5%.
  • Added 3 new Godlike Boxes: Brynhild Piece Box, Sleipnir Piece Box and Asprika Piece Box. They contain a random godlike to create the respective item.
  • Ifrit Card: Increase 1 ATK every Job Level, 1 HIT every 2 Job Level and 1 CRIT every 10 Job Level.

I will be on vacation from 6. to 14. September, so there will be no updates in this period.

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