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23. September - Changelog

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23. September 2013

  • Starter Equip is now storeable.
  • You will be warped to Rising City after the KotH Event.
  • Survivors Box now costs 10 RRP and 15 Donation Credits.
  • Fixed a bug with Items dropped by Card Effects.
  • Modified the Mount Speed, it now has a hard increase of 50% Speed, not multiplicative increase of 25%.
  • Visit the Casino in Comodo! They got new Slot Machines! (Coins can be bought at the Cashier at the Entrance, and also be won at the Dice Guy.)
  • Some items gained in the casino are Unkown Items. This bug will be fixed in the following days. Unkown Items are: Rune Box. Golden Weapon Box, Brewing Box. The ETC Unkown Item is Casino Coin.
  • Manakin Kiss Card now has the same Set Bonus as Ghostring Card.
  • Ninjas can now wear the Starter Dagger.
  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Increased Damage of the following Skills:
    • Double Strafe: x2
    • Arrow Shower: x3
    • Bash: x2
    • Magnum Break: x2
    • Mammonite: 100% Weapon ATK more
    • Cart Revolution: x3
    • Throw Stone: x100
    • Sprinkle Sand: x2
    • Evenom: x10
    • Napalm Beat: x3
    • Frost Diver: x2
    • Fire Ball: x3
    • Fire Wall: x5
    • Gravitation Field: x10
    • Soul Burn: x4
    • Pressure: x10
    • Shield Chain: x3
    • Soul Breaker: x3
    • Meteor Assault: x2
    • Tarot Card: DMG Cards x10
    • Gospel: DMG Proc x10
  • Increased Heal of Gospel by x10.
  • Cart boost now grants 25% Running Speed.
  • Guild Skills:
    • Skills which grant Status Points increased by x10.
Sorry for the missing colors, will be done tomorrow :D
If you find any bugs, please report them as soon as possible to any GM or Admin. (Support Section or PM)
I'm having exams on 2. and 4. October, so the patch for next week will be delayed or dismissed.
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