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24. September - Updates

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i want to tell you which thinks we are planning to do:
  • Valhalla: This is a spezial dungeon. Which are with different typs of monsters and drops/quests/rewards.
  • Custom Battleground: The different to the normal Battleground is that you dont need 5 players on each side and you dont need to be at the Battle ground npc. We make an command for this and you can farm your items and if you get an oppenent you will be warped to the battle ground.
  • Quest Forest: This was a player recomendation. But it is hard to get different kinds of quest here in ragnarok. So we have to think about it. Also there will be some quests at Valhalla.
  • Endless Tower which is endless. There will be an ranking which party was at the highest level. And this party will get an reward. Three diferent kinds of difficultys.
  • Bloody Branch arena. The only thing what we are thinking about is: How to get the Bloody Branches. The BB's should be a rare item. So give us time and we will find an option!

So this are our big plans. If there is a normal small patch you can be sure that we work on this big things to bring it ingame.

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