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Hmmm since most of the players are getting bored just doing farming... i've decided to think and write some events that would probably make our server more interesting....

To the Admins:

PVP Ladder Match or Battle of The Strongest or any thing u want to call IT ^_^

Event Mechanics:

There would be a Registration NPC so all players who wants to Join must have to Register.
(it would be better to limit it at 10 players (for now) who can enter to test it first ^_^)
(if the Limit was not met. event wont push through)

Registered players will draw numbers each... players with the same number will be facing each other.( elimination)
( lets say: divide the event from prelims, quater finals, semi-finals and final battle ^_^)

Its a 1 vs. 1 match where the winners continues on the match.. looser gets out of the arena until there would be a winner.
incase of a draw, its up for the admins to decide (LOL) or restart the match ^_^.
(Admins decide if they will make this a single Elimination or double Elimination)

Prices: This will be Handled by the Admins.. and if Possible... make it more. and not just an event box. so by doing this
we could gather up all the players online and stay online....

i was just thinking that these event would have a 1-2hr. interval so others could have the privilege to join.


Guild Vs. Guild Event or Simply Guild Wars

Event Mechanics:

5 members of each guild member is needed to participate. They should be in a party to Register( just like in Valhalla/ Endless tower)

There would be a Registration/event Npc for this. Limit to up to 2 Guild ATM. and will expand as more players come and play

Registered Guilds Will Battle for Glory. Each member will be killing the opposing guild's member..
This will likely be a Team Deathmatch where every kill counts... 1st Guild to achieve 100kills wins the event.
An interval of 30 min. after each Guild war. ( This is to make Players stay online , do some review on their tactics/ strategy)

Prices: This will the Admins Job To Decide


Siege Event ( not WoE)

In this Event... all players can join. This event would give the newbies not only the previous players chance to get usable items In
game (admins will be the ones to decide for the prices) ( the only thing is Dual log will not be allowed during the event)

Event Mechanics:

Another NPC to handle this event... or maybe the portal thing that appears during a certain event at Rising CITY.
The event will have a Timer: 30 Min. (or up to admins to decide)
This event is somewhat the same with valhalla but not.... ^_^
there will be 6 Levels of Dungeons.. each level will increase the Mobs Damage/ HP etc.
First lvl will be filled with monsters that everyone can kill.... ( so newbies can get items too)
most probably, these mobs will drop an event box at ??%( decided by admins). when all the monsters were killed, a portal for lvl 2 will open and so on.

my idea here is that since we are having the event where the Rune Midgard is being attacked by some Monsters( Pikachu, Seal Juggernaut) why not make an event where we get the chance to attack their Town too ^_^.... so in lvls 3,4,5... these will be harder monsters. say for example in lvl 3, mixed mobs from valhalla, lvl 4, Seal(from the invasion event), 5th lvl ... Pikachus and Valhalla mobs(all the Flashy and damage dealer ones ^_^ to make it more challenging) and in the last lvl ... JUGGERNAUT with 2x HP and 2x Damage.. or say make them 5 juggernaut with doubled hp and damage (LOL).to make it more of a challenge..... ^_^.

the Portal for these event will remain open until the 30 min. countdown reach its end. So players can go back and forth when they and players will need to Kill as fast as they could so that they can reach the boss lvl.

Prices: Well, what i can say! the event box is already a good price coz every mobs has a chance to drop 1 of it. the only thing is, it has ??% that will be decided by the Admins... As for the last lvl if its completed... then i think a a really good PRICE is To be Given to the Players... like a random 5HG box, 10 MVP box, 10 RRP or So.. ^_^... (NOTE: Players who Hit and damage Jaggaurnaut more or who ever Kills it gets those Price LOL)

as for the interval of these event i think it would be perfect to make it Daily but... Random Time so players will time to time check out for these event and not only go online when the event is on.... ^_^

ALRIGHTY, so these were all suggestions.... nothing to take seriously. I'll post more if i come up with one.... MORE AND MORE POWER ON OUR SERVER.. HEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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