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i got some suggestions about RiseRo.

1. Increase the healing rate from all healing Items x10 (and w/o delay) except crystal potion
2. Change Kiel card to his normal effect of 30% ACD
3. add a feather beret entchanter
4. add battleground


1. The normal healing items are to low for spamming them. Crystal potions are to bad cause they have the 1 sec delay what leads to death in pvp/woe.
In my opinion it would be better to change it because if you fight more then 1 ppl u have to pot like a boss to survive and win it always been so..

2. Due to the variation of 10% ACD it breaks many builds of chars cause u have to put 6 cards in headgears to reach an ACD just of 60% so you
cant use a maya purple/lord knight/high wizard or resist cards together..

3. I saw many server that have this npc where you can entchant a feather beret with custom headgear (upper) yea that consumes the rune space but u have a nice headgear(like valkyrie helm) with 10% demi human resist thats specifically for pvp/woe

4. Battleground is on most servers right now yea we got the golden weapon instead of the BG weapon but there are much more items to get from there.

These are just some suggestions from my side maybe there are some why ppls dont want to join/stay here :(

Comment what you think about this.




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zum 1.
nicht so gut, leute die makros usen würden dadurch unkillbar.
auch wenn makros verboten sind, ohne harmony haben die admins kaum die chance zu erkennen wer makros nutzt und wer nicht.

zum 2.
ich denke mal das war genau der plan, wieso die es auf 10% runter gesetzt haben.
eben damit man nicht 60-100% acdr hat und dazu dann noch wie lk, hw, maya p und co ^^
das zwingt ein zum switchen :)

zum 3.
die admins sollen einfach nen + 10% dmg resi gegen demi human rune einbauen der nur fürs upper heady ist ^^

zum 4.
bg ist gut aber dann lieber ein eigenes erstellen was ähnlich ist wie das vom offi server.
bei so nem kleinen server, mit so wenig leuten, wo kaum jemand lust zum kämpfen hat, dauert es ewig bis man was bekommt.



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1. zyres argument, that macro users would have extreme advantages, is right. That's also my point of view, additionally this is a server with mostly customs, where custom pots are the best pots. A compromise would be that we make new and less expensive custom pots, which can be bought at a tool dealer. A delay of high healing pots is obligatory.

2. High ACD is hard to balance on a high rate server, so I also agree with Zyres. Because of the Brisingamen buff, 100% ACD is now possible, but with restriction to damage, and thats what we were aiming for. There will be more runes soon, one of them could be a 10% ACD Rune, but we don't know yet.

3. 10% demi-human reduce rune will come definitely.

4. Let's see when our community has grown a bit.
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