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Starter Guide

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Hello and Welcome Newbies,

I'll show you how easy the Starter Quest is for you.

Thanks to Leyla for this Guide.

Step 1

When you are done with creating your Novice you'll be warped in the Starter Ground.
Choose "Yes" and you receive the Starter Armor.

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Step 2

Talk to the Young Assistant choose "i know everythink" if you do that, you'll receive the Starter Shield.

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Step 3

Head to the Old Assistant choose "I know everythink" if you do that and you'll receive the Starter Helm.

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Step 4

Go to the Nervous Man and help him to get his Brown Cape by killing the Porings. If you are done with this you'll receive the Starter Manteau.

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Step 5

Speak with the Muscular Guy he want to see your strength and warps you to the Rocker field. Kill them until you have a Base level up. Speak again with him and you'll receive the Starter Shoes.

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Step 6

Head to the Wise Man. He'll ask you 5 Questions. Here the Answers. After that you'll receive two Starter Accessory.
  • How many slots do weapons have? - 4
  • How DON'T you get cards? - By asking a GM
  • What does the abbreveation MvP stand for? - Most valuable Player
  • What commands does a player NOT have? - @hug
  • Which card was not changed from its original? - Poring Card
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Step 7

Go to Eternity if you wearing the Starter Equipment you can pass.

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Step 8

Speak with Ayuma she'll give you the Starter Wings.

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Step 9

Now speak with Jarvis. You'll receive the Starter Mask, a Starter Box and if its your first Char a Flute too. Also he'll ask you which Job you want to start choose a Starter Weapon that you want. He'll warp you to the Maintown and now you are ready to start your trip on Midgard.
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