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Flame Quest Guide

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Dear Players,

This is the Flame Quest.

Step 1

It starts in the Maintown by the Little Boy. Talk to him and help him find his Grandpa.

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Step 2

After you talked to him talk with the Warper and choose mjolnir_04 fild. You have to find two spots as you can see on the follow screens. Just click it.


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Posted Image

Step 3

After that go 1 fild down to meet grandpa. You need 1 Green Potion and 1 Mistress Card. After he took the items go back to the Little Boy.

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Step 4

After you talked with the Little Boy go to Niflheim. Enter the house.

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Speak with the Crazy Professor he want some items from you. After you gave him the items you have to wait till he finished. (randomly 1-5 Days)

Posted Image

Step 5

When he finished his first round he want more items. When you gave him the items you have to wait again.
(randomly 1-5 days)

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Step 6

When he stopped feeling sad he want more items from you. When you gave him that you have to wait again.
(randomly 1-5 days)

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Step 7

When the Crazy Professor has finished you can choice the color of your flame and bring him 100 Dyestuff of the current color. When you brought him the Dyestuffs he will give you your Flame and 1 Headgear Box.

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The Following Items are just current the Flame Quest available and they have a 50% Dropchance.
  • Little Dark Flame (Loki)
  • Heart of Nidi (Nidi)
  • Left Foot of Eagor (Eagor)
  • Right Hand of Frobbr (Frobbr)
  • Tail of Urinella (Urinella)
  • Set of Tarot Cards (Gambler)
  • Engine of Aero Poring (Aero Poring)
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oh, hab gehofft hier wird einem gezeigt wie man richtig flamen kann...
aber trotzdem schöner guide :D
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