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Golden Healing Rod

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- Hello fellow RiseRo Companions & Administration Staff,


my Suggestion goes into the direction of the unavailable Gold Weapon

for a Support Class, especially the priest.

The Priest is known as the person, that can hold you alive while keeping

your damage higher than another person probably can do, withouth

any benefits getting lost, Supporting your Guild or Party is your Job if you

play him, atleast if you play him as a Support.


Now there is this huge issue though, every Class got a Golden Weapon,

with that it can function - properly or not, they have one, that does work

in some ways, even if they are not the best ones for them.

But Priests? What about them? Do they have one?
Well, you could consider taking the Golden Rod, but what does this give you

in benefits? Right!


Golden Rod:

Matk +20% & HP 10%


Sounds good, doesn't it?

Well sure, it doesn't sound that bad if you consider that Matk does give you a higher Heal,

but if you don't want to be one of those weird exorcists that run around and use Holy Light

or Judex, the Healing Staff is still better.


So what am I exactly looking for?

As example we can take the Healing Staff, that is probably the BiS-Weapon you

can momentarily use as a Support Priest.


Healing Staff

Matk +15% & +15 HealingPower (if on +10)


As a Suggestion I would try to mix up those items, giving the user some Matk and HP,

like just every Golden Weapon does, but to let it be more effective for a priest,

we should give him some HealingPower, maybe also like the Healing Staff does,

refine-rate wise.


Golden Healing Rod

Matk +X% , HP Y% & HealingPower + Z (per refine-rate).




Edit:           I didn't see the post of @Mysti85



Golden Holy Stick [Mace]

(Only Priest & Alchemist)


MATK + 15%,  INT +10, SP Recovery + 10%.
Increases effectiveness of your every Heal Skills by 15%.

Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 15%

{ bonus bMatkRate,15; bonus bInt,10; bonus bSPrecovRate,10; bonus bHealPower,15; bonus bDelayRate,-15; },{},{}



is his Suggestion.





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I write you the same as Mysti. 


Thanks for the Idea. We will check that. 



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