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Two suggestions in one ;D

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The first bit is about the RiseRO item shop. I understand that you want the items to be appealing,and that this is a high rate, but slotted megs are WAY too over powered(brinsingamen is included in this). I suggest removing the slots to make it a bit more balanced. Brynhild and Aesprika are also ridiculously over powered (sleips are fine), the set gives 100k HP, which you can put a tao in. My paladin right now has 410k HP, +100k from this set, AND Tao would push me through 1mil HP, AND they're both 2 slotted, which is the icing on the cake. I'm sure you can see what's wrong with that. I suggest getting rid of the 100k boost (or nerfing to a suitable amount), and removing 1 slot from each of those items. The half defense thing or what ever fraction it is, means nothing especially when people get thana cards.

Reasons for this suggestion:
1. HP is too damn high
2. +40 stat and 7mdef items with two slots, you can stack more stats, or get skills. Sniper with dex meg, int meg, 2 wind ghosts, 1 zerom, 1 wikebane(or metaling). you'll be shooting for days and nothing will touch you AND you can strip. (this is just one example)
3. These items are NOT healthy for the game, as soon as even one of these is in circulation, the player that has that item will be more than a mile ahead of any one who doesn't have one. making WoE and PvP less enjoyable.
4. Too many slots on already OP items.
5. No downside to extremely powerful items

The second suggestion is mainly just reorganizing shops and adding some items. The mall is rather cluttered and has a lot of the same items in different vendors. I suggest separating armor,tools and weapons into their own separate NPCs. example: Swordsman weapons will have all the swords and spears, Theif would have daggers and katars.All armor would be placed in one NPC, and all tools would be placed in one NPC. This would reduce clutter, and be much more organized.

Also, if it's not too much trouble, can you add lesser items for lower cost?(composite bow, blade, stiletto for example) It would be cool to have everything in one place.

Reasons for this suggestion:
1. Too many unnecessary duplicate items
2. Unorganized shops
3. Less clutter in the mall
4. More variety for the budget player, and easier to start

I'm enjoying this server, and I would really like to see it live out a full RO server life, Instead of it dying out quickly, due to over powered-ness. Thanks for reading



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Thank you for your suggestions.

Our team has a lot of experience with the 2 slot equip machanic, be sure that we will have an eye on possible problems.
The other problem is that you aren't able to watch on people who have good equip like godlikes and gold weapon. The HP to DMG balancing that happend with the equip bevore the server opening showed a moderate balance, the balance can be really good after some classes get buffs for a few skills. That is what we will do regulary soon. Our goal is to make every class competitive.

We have to apologize for the mall atm. The NPCs are still a remain of testing a few things out. The amount of NPCs will decrease drasticly after the patch today.

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