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05. May 2013 - Changelog

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05. May 2013


  • Added Custom Maps to the Warper.
  • New leveling grounds are now available through the west and east path of Rising City.
  • The Guide NPC is now showing you all points of interest in Rising City.
  • Starter Runes are now vended by the Mining Store of your choice. They can be enchated at the Rune Enchanter in the Mining House. Please note that only Custom Headgears and Golden Armors can be enchanted.

Custom Monster:

  • Populated the new leveling grounds with many kinds of Porings!


  • ‚ÄčFixed a major issue where NPC dialogs made your character stuck.
  • All MVPs should now have the exact spawn time of one hour.
  • Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed can now be used everywhere (except on GvG Maps)

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