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12. May 2013 - Changelog

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12. May 2013


  • Added 10 seconds delay to Butterfly Wing after getting hit by a player.
  • Removed level restriction on PvP maps.
  • Disabled PvP in the Rooms of Rising City.
  • Added an automessage every 30 minutes to remind you of collecting RiseRO Points. If you have any idea what else to announce, please let us know.
  • Fixed cooldown message on items.
  • Added @afk command. Use "@afk" or "@afk <afk message>". Please don't use @afk in the middle of Rising City.


  • Warper: Moved moc_fild21 and moc_fild22 to Dungeon Section and named Dimensional Gorge.
  • Warper: Added Guild Dungeons as extra section.
  • Replaced the Stylist with a better one.


  • Fur Seal now no longer produces Sprite Errors.


  • Meginjard now has 150 weight.
  • All Coin Bags now have 1 weight.
  • Sleipnir now have 50% HP/SP.
  • Golden Greaves now have 5% HP per Refine Rate.

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