Server Information

In this section you will read about the server's basic features as well as an introduction to some of our exclusive features. If you are looking for more specific information about our server features we highly recommend that you visit our forum, our have a look at the infos and commands.

Basic Information

Rates: 5,000x/5,000x/500x
Max Level: 255/100
Max Stat: 200
Max ASPD: 194
Instant Cast: 175 Dex
Status Immune: 200 Vit
Main Town: Rising City (@go 0)
Renewal: No
Third Jobs: Yes
WoE Times:
Monday Wednesday Saturday
7pm - 8pm CEST 7pm - 8pm CEST 3pm - 4pm CEST
3rd Class 2nd Class 3rd Class
Godlikes allowed Godlikes allowed Godlikes forbidden
Party Share Range: 50

Basic NPCs

Kafra Banker Tool Dealer Healer
Warper Character Service Stylist Guide
PvP Warper WoE Information Ranker MvP & PvP Ladder
Information Refiner & Repairman Card Remover Mineral Converter


  • 1542 Custom Items
    • 57 Usables
    • 112 Cards
    • 1204 Armors
    • 50 Weapons
    • 119 Etc
  • 189 Custom Mobs
    • 30 MVPs
    • 159 Normal
  • Starter Area and Quests
  • Leveling Areas for Level 1-255

Exclusive Features

  • Mining
  • Custom Pot System
  • RiseRO Quests
  • Runes
  • Golden Armor Upgrading
  • New Rebirth
  • Advanced Breaker Room
  • King of the Hill